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FAQ for Participants

Here, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions from participants.

About EventRegist and Signing Up

Q. What is EventRegist?
EventRegist is a smart tool which enables you to create events, issue tickets and manage particpants. Using EventRegist, anyone can easily create their own event.

Q.Why do I need to sign-up to use EventRegist?
When you apply to attend an event created on EvenRegist, sign-up is required. After sign-up, you can utilize useful features such as confirming your tickets from the “My Tickets” page, download the ticket as a PDF and view receipt data (for tickets with a ticket price only and for events for which this has been enabled). For this reason, we require sign-up when applying to attend an event.

Q. After I signed up, why didn’t I receive a confirmation email?After you’ve signed up to EventRegist, a confirmation email is sent to the email address that you specified at sign-up time. Once you’ve clicked the button or opened the link in that confirmation email, sign-up is complete. If you didn’t receive a confirmation email from EventRegist, it may be due to the following causes.

  • Your ISP or email provider may have labeled the confirmation email as spam and placed it in your junk/spam folder
  • You may have made an error when entering your email address at sign-up time
  • Other causes

Purchasing Tickets

Q.Are there any fees incurred when I purchase a ticket?
No. There are no fees levied on ticket purchasers.

Q.What payment methods do you provide?
You can pay via PayPal and major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard and JCB.
* We use Indonesia Veritrans in Indonesia.

Q.Do you issue receipts?
Yes, we do. You can view receipt information. However, this varies depending on whether the event organiser has set this function to ‘on’. In the case that it has been enabled, after purchasing you can view your receipts by going to ‘My Page’ and clicking on the ‘View Receipt Data’ button. If necessary, you can also print from this screen.

Q.I’m interested in the event, but I’m not acquainted with the organiser. Is it really OK for me to attend?
In terms of the event itself, from our side we can’t judge one way or the other. Please check with the event organiser or check the nature of the event carefully yourself before purchasing. For getting in touch with the event oganiser, take a look at the following help page.

Q.Why do I have to sign-up as a member when I buy a ticket?
When you sign-up as a memebr on ticket purchase, you get access to the ‘My Page’ feature. On ‘My Page’, you can do things like re-download a PDF copy of your ticket or attach ratings to events. We require member sign-up to enable these features. Of course, if you wish to leave you can do so after the event for which you applied has finished.

Attending Events

Q.I can’t find the ticket purchase confirmation email that I received at purchase. Can I get the PDF ticket re-issued?
Yes, you can. Login to the site, click on ‘my event’ and then select the relevant event and then re-download your ticket.

Q.I don’t have a printer so I can’t print it out.
On your PDF ticket, there is a QR Code for processing your admission on the day. In the event that you can’t print the ticket, please notify the event organiser in advance.

Q.I can’t remember the time and place of the event
You can either look at the email that you received from EventRegist when you applied for the ticket or you can login to the site, go to the ‘my event’ page and check the relevant event.

Contacting the Event Organizer

Q.In the event that I’d like to contact the event organizer, what should I do?
Click the link at the top right or bottom right of the event page that reads ‘Contact the Event Organizer’. After you’ve submitted the contact form, the contents of your enquiry will be sent by email to the evernt organizer.

Ticket Cancellation

Q.I’d like to cancel an already purchased ticket. What should I do?
Participants are not able to directly cancel tickets. To find out if tickets can be cancelled, contact the event organizer directly.

Other Questions/Enquiries

Q.What should I do in the case of an event for which I have purchased tickets has been cancelled without warning?
There is a possibility that the event organiser has deleted the related event page. If you are unsure of the reason, please contact the event organiser directly.