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The Easiest Way to Write an Essay - Guide 2022

- 2024/03/02(Sat) 19:00 (GMT+10:00)

[Host] Tristan Mould

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Event Description

Academic essay writing is part of every academic curriculum. It is essential to your academic performance to learn to write quality essays. During your academic years, you will find yourself burdened by various tasks in either college or school. And for one reason or another, you fall behind on your essay-writing schedule and with the deadline approaching, you find yourself asking for help from your peers. “write my essay for me,” you might ask your peers or professional writers.

You should know, however, that despite less time you can find faster ways to come up with your essay. You might want to change your normal essay routine but by following the method you will have your essay ready in a shorter time.

1. Understand the prompt

There is no substitute for this part. This is essential for if you get this wrong, you risk getting the essay wrong. The prompt should be analyzed and probed upon. You should ask the questions of why and what. Delineate the subject matter and identify the limiting factor in the prompt— what aspect of the subject you are to focus upon. Once that is done you should find out what the prompt expects you to write in regard to the subject matter.

2. Brainstorm and note the gaps

Once your topic is understood, you should jump into jotting down ideas and information on a piece of paper (you don’t have time to spend brainstorming on intricate software and tools). The main subject will be put in the middle and the information noted down in a branching-out form in a process called mind mapping

You can add more mindmaps to the subtopics of the essay. You should write every thought that comes related to the topic.

3. Research and fill the gaps

Right after the brainstorming session, you should move with the salient points of the topic toward researching. Here you should fill out the gaps of information that you realized in the previous step (target the smaller branches and the stronger points). 

Make notes as you go. Notice the main claims of your essay or the main points from the brainstorming session and jot down its relevant researched information.

By focused researching for the information, you save time by consulting with an expert writer at

4. Rough outline

Mind mapping and the research will give you ideas about the topic and your approach. You then should then organize the information from the strongest claim first. This will come out as a rough outline that you will try to follow in the essay.

5. Thesis Statment

Try to write the thesis statement first. It should include your main argument of the essay and what claims you will discuss to prove your argument.

6. Identify topic sentences

Each claim that supports your argument becomes the subject of the topic sentence. Make sure you have topic sentences ready to start each paragraph with an introduction to the claim.

7. First draft

The first draft should be done as quickly as possible. You should use the information and the plan you have so far and shape it into an essay structure by using any myperfectwords kind of service. 


8. Make the evidence stronger through research

You should attend to the evidence backing your arguments. Try and find better evidence if you are not convinced by its authority and content. For this, you will find statistics, quotes, or findings from reputable scholarly sources.

9. Change and reorganize the essay

Your first draft shouldn’t be your final. Your final will go through a ruthless process of changing and reorganizing until you think you have an essay that answers the essay prompt. 

The advantage of working with essay drafts is that you can see the effect your change makes on the essay. 

10. Proofread the final draft

The final essay should be then proofread for mistakes in grammar, punctuation, and writing style, or get these from writing my paper for me.  This should come at the very last as the editing of the essay can leave behind errors in the essay.

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