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Harajuku, Tokyo

[Host] Entertainment Marketing, Inc. (Tokyo)

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    • January 25, 2020 Harajuku

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    • January 26, 2020 Harajuku

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Event Description

Now available on Saturday and Sunday!!!

Explore Harajuku and shop to build your style with a real Harajuku girl & Fashion Instagramer, Rikarin!
Who's Rikarin? Visit Rikarin on Instagram 

The program is private. It means you may be joined with strangers.

Day : Saturday & Sunday, weekly.
*Some of the date are not available for the program, due to Rikarin's work.
Meet at Harajuku Station, close to Takeshitadori Exit
Time to Start : 1:00pm
Time to Terminate : 5:00pm

=Age Limitation=
We welcome all ages to the program, because it's fun!
But we do not babysit, children under 12 years old should be accompanied with Parents/Adult Guardians.

English speaking guide
4 hours explore in Harajuku

Admission Fee
Food and Drinks

=Important Information=
1. Confirmation Letter
We mail confirmation within 48 hours after booking, meeting place or any more details in it. You should read it carefully.
Details of program is in confirmation letter.
2. Late Appearance.
Since it's not private, we start the program at 1:00pm sharp. If you come late, you should let us know. Emergency contact is in confirmation letter.
Without notification, we handle your booking as no show, we don't refund.
3. With baby strollers, wheel chairs.
We welcome you with baby strollers or wheel chairt though, unfortunately Harajuku is not under univasal design. we pass many lanes and alleys. You should inform us before program day. Earlier is better so that we can be ready to fix route.
4. Emergency Contact
We inform you our emergency contact in confirmation letter.
Please inform us your emergency contact.

=Cancellation Policy=
4 days in advance or before: 100% refund.
2 to 3 days in advance: 50% refund.
1 day in advance or program day: 0% refund. 100% charge.
Please be aware in case you book three or less days in advance the program, we apply the same cancellation policy.
In case you are late, you should inform us. The program starts on time.
Unforeseen reasons:
we may ask you to provide us any evidence. Deternine and judge it’s fair to refund, we refund.

=Cancellation by
Due to bad weather, accident on our guide, or incidents etc. we may cancel our program. Our guide or we will contact you to inform cancellation by 9:00am on program day, and we refund 100%.


Harajuku, Tokyo

Organizer information

Entertainment Marketing, Inc. (Tokyo)

"" is the website to offer you ‘Pop Culture Experience Program’ in Japan.
Program includes;
Shop and Walk with a Harajuku Fashion Instagramer
Manga Drawing
Be a Ninja or Samurai
Create Your Original Ramen
and more...

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