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MANGA DRAWING in 2 hrs. , AKIHABARA July 2018

2018/07/02(Mon) 16:30 - 2018/07/30(Mon) 18:30 (JST)

Akihabara, Tokyo (日本)

[Host] Entertainment Marketing, Inc. (Tokyo)

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Event Description


Japanese MANGA, totally different style of drawing from Comics, you can experience draw manually, not in digital.
Using a pen, manually drawing MANGA, make just lines express yourself.

The program is developed for international visitors by, collaborating with ‘Nihon Mangajuku’, nurturing professional MANGA artists. You have never draw in calligraphy pens? No problem! Professional MANGA artist is a teacher. Lecture is in Japanese though, English interpreter is aside, help you to understand. Complete your own character of MANGA, being instructed by a professional MANGA artist. What you learn is the basic technics, ‘Draft’, ‘Inking’, ‘Beta (black out)’, ‘Screen Tone’.

What to Expect

  • Duration : 2 hrs.
Complete main character of MANGA
  • Time to Start : 4:30pm
  • Time to Terminate : 6:30pm
  • No need to prepare tools to draw MANGA.
Papers exclusive to draw MANGA, calligraphy pens, screen tones, tools you use on the program day are prepared at the venue.
  • Instructor is a professional MANGA artist. Simply draw a line, an instructor understand your level of drawing. Depends on your skill level, instructor teach you how to.
  • Are you ready to show your work to others? At the end of the program, show your work each other.


To enjoy the program more, we prepare some options. You can  purchase on the program day, paying credit card (VISA, MASTER, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER, DINNERSCLUB, JCB).

You can get ‘Discount ticket of Maid Café’, purchase options, so that you enjoy your waiting time at maid café. 

  •        MANGA Basic Kit JPY10,000

Tools you use in the program, Manuscript Papers for MANGA, penholder, pen nibs and Screentones. With the kit, you can draw MANGA any time after get home.You can order ‘MANGA Basic Kit’ in advance or can purchase at venue in the program day.

Following options take an hour to prepare after the program.
  • Digital data of your work    JPY3,000.

In the program you draw MANGA manually, so we digitalize your drawing and save it in USB memory for your take it back home.

  • Visit Kandamyoujin (shrine), set in animation ‘LoveLive’. Duration 30mins. Fare JPY2,000, includes 12 color markers.

After the program, visit Kandamyoujin (shrine). Kandamyoujin set in many anime such as ‘Love Life’, you can purchase anime-related products like Ema (a votive horse tablet). Ema (a votive horse tablet) is to make a wish, writing your wish in the back and hang it in certain place at shrine. You can draw pictures as well.
At Kandamyoujin, there’s a place to write your wish, use 12-color markers to color your wish, and make it come true!

Enjoy Akihabara with visiting Kandamyoujin or maid café with discount ticket, while waiting for your option is ready.

Important Information

Venue : Nihon Mangajuku

Kanda Northern Bldg., 6-1-4 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Duration : 2 hrs.

Time to Start : 4:30pm

Time to Terminate : 6:30pm

In case you order options, it takes about an hour, you can get digital data of your drawing in USB around 7:30pm.


Professional MANGA Artist

English Interpreter

Tools to draw MANGA
For ordered options only.

Discount tickets for maid café at Akihabara


Food and Drink

You can bring drinks though, no alcohol.

Eating at venue is prohibited.


Gratuities (optional)

No gratuities required though, if you enjoyed enough to pay gratuities, hand it over to instructor.

Additional Info

Minimum Participants 4persons

Maximum Participants 16 persons

Age Restriction : 10 yrs. or older.

We can prepare materials for 10 to 14 yrs. upon your request. In that case fare is same.

Cancellation Policy

No Show 100 charge

A day to 3 days before the program 100 charge

4 days to 7 days before the program 75charge

8days to 15 days before the program 50charge

16 or more days before the program 30charge

Cancellation within 48hrs of booking 100refund

*In case you book the program within 7 days in advance, cancellation charge is 100% flat.

*Cancellation should be completed based on Japan local time (UTC+9).

Force Majeure

You are required to contact us. We inform our Emergency Contact in confirmation mail. Without contact, we charge 100% cancel fee.

It could happen you, yourself, your company or family cannot let us know in certain circumstance, we might ask you to submit evidence. Determine evidence and we think it’s force majeur, we refund certain amount except actual expense, like drawing tools, instructors, and interpreter. cancel the program.
Due to bad weather, accident on transportation system, or incidents we consider we cannot ensure safety of participants, we cancel the program and refund 100%.
In that case, we inform by 9:00am in the program day.


  • No food at venue. You can bring drinks but alcohol.
  • Any behavior disturbing to other participants, instructor, interpreter, Nihon Mangajuku, or Entertainment Marketing, Inc. is banned. In case we decide it’s gone too far, we have right to order you to leave the program immediately. If it happens, we do not refund any.


Event Starts

Start Date:2018/07/02(Mon) 16:30 (JST)

End Date:2018/07/30(Mon) 18:30 (JST)

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Akihabara, Tokyo


Organizer information

Entertainment Marketing, Inc. (Tokyo)

"" is the website to offer you ‘Pop Culture Experience Program’ in Japan.
Program includes;
Shop and Walk with a Harajuku Fashion Instagramer
Manga Drawing
Be a Ninja or Samurai
Create Your Original Ramen
and more...

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