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*This Event Is Closed 【English Seminar】How To Capture A Part Of The Inbound Market インバウンドマーケットのシェア獲得ノウハウ          ※満員御礼!申し込みは締め切りとなりました

2017/11/24(Fri) 17:00 - 18:30 (JST)

Info Cubic Japan 株式会社インフォキュービック・ジャパン (高木ビル3F, 1-1-7, 新宿区大久保, Tokyo, 1690072, Japan)

[Host] 株式会社インフォキュービック・ジャパン

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    • 11/24【English Seminar】How To Capture A Part Of The Inbound Market インバウンドマーケットのシェア獲得ノウハウ

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Hello, This is Info Cubic Japan

We would like to inform you that today is the seminar day!
Please bring 1 business card of yours and show us at the reception.

Looking forward to seeing you!l


Event Description

The number of foreign visitors to Japan is increasing YoY at an exponential rate. These visitors are a vital source of revenue for many businesses who are seeing domestic demand on the decline. In our presentation, you will learn more about inbound travelers, including how to successfully connect with them when they are either here in Japan or in their home countries, so that you too can create new consumer bases for your business. Media discussed during our presentation will include Google, Baidu and Naver; target consumer groups are speakers of English, Mandarin Chinese and Korean.
*This seminar will be held in English by a native English consultant

レクチャー。Google, Baidu, Naverによる英語・中国・韓国圏向けの海外デジタルマーケティング活用方法をご紹介します。


Event Starts

Start Date:2017/11/24(Fri) 17:00 (JST)

End Date:2017/11/24(Fri) 18:30 (JST)

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Info Cubic Japan 株式会社インフォキュービック・ジャパン

高木ビル3F, 1-1-7, 新宿区大久保, Tokyo, 1690072, Japan


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