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Key Components That Every Dissertation Should Include

2022/12/31(Sat) 17:00 - 2027/12/31(Fri) 19:00 (GMT-08:00)

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Event Description

If you’re about to graduate college and you have to write a thesis or dissertation then there is probably nothing scarier, looming on your head right now. Plenty of questions might be hurting your brain right now such as how to begin? Where to begin? What to write? Also, you might not have been very familiar with this term in the first place and therefore you must be thinking what really is a dissertation anyway? Whoa! That’s so many questions that an entire thesis can be written on this. Take a deep breath. Relax. We’ve got you covered. Today we will discuss the key components that every dissertation should include. Just for you so that you can ace it when you need it and end your degree on a higher note.

Let’s begin with the most primary thing. What is a dissertation? While often used interchangeably, thesis and dissertation do differ in definitions. A thesis is a paper written for a Masters degree whereas a dissertation refers to a longer content which is written as a Doctoral degree project. That being said, it is often the case in some institutions or some countries where a dissertation refers to a research project for a Masters degree and a thesis for a Doctoral degree. However, one thing should be kept in mind that the dissertation written for a Master’s degree varies in length than for a PhD. A Masters dissertation is much shorter than that written for a PhD. It also differs in the length of time. A Masters dissertation is usually written in a year or two whereas a PhD dissertation usually takes more than two years.

Moving further ahead, it is also noteworthy that in case there is some confusion regarding writing a dissertation then you can find any useful essay writing service online which can help you with your dissertation. Okay, so coming back to our topic, now that we have understood what is meant by dissertation, let’s see what are the main components of it. Every dissertation is written in a specific pattern. That is to say that it starts by introducing the topic and the statement of the problem. Going on, the next part consists of the literature review. Methods of research is the next section after the literature review which is followed by the analysis section finally the conclusion.

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Introduction basically sets context and deliberates upon the problem area that is discussed in your research. Introduction includes the background of your research and the historical information that is relevant to your research. It puts forward clearly what is the scope of the research that has been done and what problems it aims to address. In case the problem area of your research is a part of a larger debate then it should be mentioned clearly in the introduction. Then we move on to the literature review. You might have written a literature review or may have said to yourself that I have to write my essay for which you might have conducted a literature review. Whatever the case might be, you must know that a literature review is different to an annotated bibliography.  It includes all the main findings of the research. It summarizes your research in a way which explains how you have done your research from sources or literature. Here are some tips: One tip can be to gather all the correlated ideas of your research that you have collected from different sources and merge them together. You can do it by summarizing the works of different authors which are related in similar categories. Organize your research by merging your sources in a chronological order otherwise if information is scattered across different timelines, it won’t make sense to your reader.

  Anyone who is trained in writing or conducting research or someone who is an efficient essay writer knows that the methods of the research section basically deals with the field of your work. It corresponds to how different researchers in the same field work. What kind of data is it? Data sensitive? Is it related to history? Is it related to theory? I will note down a few things. Most scholars have different ways of doing things and there are differences and similarities in the same field as well. Therefore, there is not a single method to approach this. It is important to clearly define the scope of your essay if it belongs to a specific approach that is standard. If you have conducted an unconventional research however then it is important to highlight it in this section clearly.

  The analysis portion is the most crucial part of your dissertation. In this portion you basically analyze your data that you have used in your research. It can either be based upon theoretical approaches and it can be based upon scientific data and its analysis as well. Depending upon the length of your research, the analysis portion can be a few pages to multiple chapters. Analysis basically signifies the relevance of your research. It guides the readers why the findings are important and why they should be considered. It also must address if the writer is trying to build upon a concept which is misunderstood or has a different meaning then what is implied. If theoretical approaches are taken into consideration, then it should also be kept in mind to explain it from that particular lens. Finally, you should also look into if you have explored any aspect in your research that is neglected by other researchers. The conclusion is as important to a dissertation as the introduction. Here, you take the key ideas from your essay and summarize it in a manner that it tells the reader what the essay was about and it should also mention the key questions that you have raised in your essay.You can likewise contact paper writing service for more help.

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