The 5th Traditional Performing Arts "Nohgaku" and Culture Experience - Night Time Event in SHIBUYA / 第5回 伝統芸能「能楽」と文化体験-ナイトタイムイベント in 渋谷

2020/01/30(木) 21:00 ~ 23:00

セルリアンタワー能楽堂 (セルリアンタワー東急ホテル B2F, 桜丘町26-1, 渋谷区, 東京都, Japan)

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    • The 5th Traditional Performing Arts "Nohgaku" and Culture Experience - Night Time Event in SHIBUYA


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After dinner, while sightseeing, or when returning home from work, how about casually coming into contact with some traditional performance art?
Please definitely enjoy a nighttime event where you can experience things such as a workshop on Noh plays ("Noh" and "Kyogen comedies"), a geisha dance, and food carts for things like Matcha tea!
English language interpreters will be on hand so that overseas visitors can enjoy the event.
We are holding the event five times, and in part 1 of the event, a Noh workshop will alternate with a performance of a Kyogen comedy. You can watch the Kyogen comedy "Kaminari" at the 5th event.

 受付 :20:30〜

     レクチャー:説明 Craig Kingsley
     狂言 :「神鳴」 茂山忠三郎・石倉昭二
     ワークショップ:茂山忠三郎・Craig Kingsley
     芸者(三味線・舞)〜22:35 終了
     屋台 〜23:00終了

 セルリアンタワー東急ホテル B2F 

[Date] January 30, 2020 
 Reception: 20: 30-

 Part 1
 21: 00-21: 50
  Japanese Dance: “Yukiyama” - Sachi Umezono
  Lecture: Explanation - Craig Kingsley
  Kyogen: “Kaminari” - Chuzaburo  Shigeyama and Shoji Ishikura
  Trial lesson:Chuzaburo  Shigeyama and Craig Kingsley
 Part 2
 21: 55-23: 00
  Geisha(Shamisen/Jaoanese Dance) 〜22:35
  Stall   〜23:00

 Please feel free to go as you wish.

[Location] The Cerulean Tower Noh Theatre
Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel B2F
[Price] 3,500 yen

Oni-Kyogen(Kyogen that ogres appear in humorous). A quack doctor from the capital is on his way to the eastern provinces. As he comes upon a wide field, the sky suddenly clouds over, and with a flash and a boom, Kaminari - he is a god of thunder - flies out from the sky and falls at his feet.
Kaminari tells the cowering doctor that the fall injured his hip and demands that the doctor cure him.
Using a mallet, the doctor drives a huge needle into the Kaminari's hip. Kaminari cries out in pain, but when the treatment is done, his hip is cured, and he immediately tries to ascend back to the clouds. When doctor requests his fee for the cure, Kaminari says he has no money to pay.
Well then, what will Kaminari do?


五世 茂山 忠三郎
故、四世忠三郎の長男。父に師事。4歳にて『伊呂波』のシテで初舞台を踏み、 その後「釣狐」、「三番三」、「花子」、「狸腹鼓」など秘曲、重曲を披く 。



The 5th Chuzaburo  Shigeyama
Born in 1982, he started performing Kyogen professionally at the age of four, like his father.
In1986, at the age of 4 he performed『Iroha』〈Chuzaburo Kyogenkai〉 at National Noh Theatre. This was his first performance as a professional.
In 1998, at the age of 16, the performed『Tsurigitune-Fox Trapping-』〈Chuzaburo Kyogenkai〉in 4 cities.
In 2005, he graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design, with a degree in Theatre of Performing Arts
In 2007, at the age of 25 he performed『Hanago』〈Chuzaburo Kyogenkai〉in 4 cities.
He is very active and works internationally in both Europe and Asia. He has toured in U.S.A.(1996,2002);Australia(2001);Hungary(2007);GermanyandAustria(2009);France(2010).

He performance also ‘Sign Language Kyogen’ and ‘New programs of Kyogen’.
In recent years, he is very famous for his Kyogen workshops and classes of Kyogen. He is very friendly, and has a talent for coaching and provides lectures for all ages, from kids to adults.
He is an instructor at Kyoto University of Art and Design and also instructs Kids Kyogen in Nara’Iroha’.
Special Advisor for Cultural Exchange, Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan.

Craig Kingsley

 舞台外では、児童教育の研究及び教育に従事。エデュテインメントの価値を重視、公立及び私立の学校や教育会議でこの概念を積極的に推進。児童教育の経験と狂言への強い想いから、福岡大蔵会子ども部をはじめ、小中学校で狂言を教えることで次世代へ繋ぐ活動をしている。2018年からは筑紫野市文化学芸連盟の支援下、文化庁伝統文化親子教室事業「I am 太郎冠者と子どもたち」プロジェクトで狂言を指導、二年目を迎えている。

Craig Kingsley has been performing on the stage for over 40 years. He has acted in and directed several plays in both America and Japan. While an exchange student, he saw Kyogen for the first time and fell in love. Since 1992, Craig has studied Kyogen with Fukuoka Okura Kai under the guidance of Shigeyama Chuzaburo. He is an active member of Sarugaku Kai and is one of the few recognized non-Japanese students of Kyogen in the world. He has performed on Noh stages throughout Japan, including the historic stage at Itsukushima Shrine on Miyajima Island (a United Nations World Heritage site). Craig also tours Kyogen internationally and conducts workshops for visitors to Japan.

When not on the stage, Craig works as a researcher and instructor in children’s education. He strongly believes in the value of edutainment and promotes the concept religiously within public and private schools and at education conferences. In recent years, he has combined his experience in children’s education with his love of Kyogen, and is teaching the art to children in order to insure that future generations continue to enjoy Kyogen. In 2018, he established the “I am Taro Kaja to Kodomo-tachi” project under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture.

※ Please attend with the understanding that you may be in the background of photos or videos filmed.


開始日時:2020/01/30(木) 21:00

終了日時:2020/01/30(木) 23:00




東京都 渋谷区 桜丘町26-1 セルリアンタワー東急ホテル B2F

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