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#SVFT Skyland Ventures Fest Tokyo 6/21(Sun)@ Tokyo

2015/06/21(Sun) 09:15 - 19:30 (JST)

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    • 24/06/2015(Wed) 11:18 am (JST) updated

Thank you to all attendees (including Speakers & Guests) of #SVFT for coming to #SVFT / Skyland Ventures Fest Tokyo. 
This Sunday, we successfully hosted the event with about 600 attendees! 
We really appreciate everyone for coming! Here’s some more information and requests about SVFT on behalf of the staff. 

1. Please like the #SVFT Facebook page!  

We will update more information on the page (including Speaker Keynotes, mentions on the media, etc.). 

<ぜひ #SVFT 公式FacebookページへLikeお願いします。こちらに次回開催や、スピーカーによるKeynote Slideやメディア掲載情報をアップして参ります。

The following is the official Facebook page of #SVFT / Skyland Ventures Fest Tokyo 

2.  For attendees, you are free to share or use the photos from the Facebook page. (For media company, PLEASE write the credit "Skyland Ventures Creative Team” when using photos from the Facebook page) 

自由にFacebookページの写真をご利用ください。メディア企業様の場合のみ"Skyland Ventures Creative Team"のクレジットをお願いします。
 The official photo stream on the #SVFT / Skyland Ventures Fest Tokyo official Facebook page is the following. 

3. This December, we will hold our 2nd SVFT Skyland Ventures Fest Tokyo! We have already started to gather Startup booths/Sponsors/Staff, etc. We will continue to update further information on our Facebook page. (If you're interested in participating in our 2nd SVFT (This December) please contact us at (

201512月を予定している次回の #SVFT の開催向けてStartup booths/Sponsor/Staff やその他サポートを募集しています。 関心がある方は へご連絡ください。 

4. We would like to know your opinion on our first SVFT #SVFT event! Please fill out the survey below.

    • 21/06/2015(Sun) 01:01 am (JST) updated
Dear all Attendees //日本語は下にあります。
Sorry for sending in the midnight.Thank you for your participation to #SVFT before the event we would like to notify START TIME OF THE EVENT(Already notify on Eventregist).
Since Mr.Morikawa(C Channel CEO,ex LINE CEO) will be on the stage at 9:45.
OPEN THE HALL AT 9:15AM. So please come at AT 9:15AM and enjoy his opening speech! 
+General Information
-Update Information 
Please see eventregist-announce by e-mail. (
We will upadate this event details in official website.
We can't support foof for all attendees.We provide cafe-lounge space.If you need some food,plase bring your lunch-box & take a lunch at near restrant.
Please register here. If you don't register here,you can't entry.
from #SVFT Staff
イベント当日の深夜に失礼致します。この度は #SVFT に参加登録をして頂き、誠にありがとうございます。すでにご案内をイベントレジストで行っておりますが。
明日のイベント開催時刻ですが、当初【9:45AM】Opening、【10:00AM】より1st Keynoteとしておりましたが、
【9:45AM】より森川亮様(C Channel CEO,ex LINE CEO)とのインタビューセッションをOpening & 1st Keynoteとしております。
#SVFT スタッフ一同
    • 20/06/2015(Sat) 03:12 pm (JST) updated


1. Door Open Time
9:15AM Door Open
9:45AM 1st Keynote Session Start
C Channel CEO Akira Morikawa & Skyland Ventures Max Kinoshita
(9:15受付開始、9:451st Keynote スタートとなります。ご確認ください。)

Event Description


1. Door Open Time
9:15AM Door Open
9:45AM 1st Keynote Session Start
C Channel CEO Akira Morikawa & Skyland Ventures Max Kinoshita
(9:15受付開始、9:451st Keynote スタートとなります。ご確認ください。)


"global startups meet global talents"


#SVFT is a global startup festival. It will be held with noted global CEOs, STARTUPs, VCs & students with entrepreneurial skills in Tokyo for the first time. 

#SVFT はグローバルで活躍できる人材と、グローバル展開を視野に入れたスタートアップ企業を結びつける日本発のイベントである。




Date: Sun,June,21,2015

Location: Microsoft Japan

2-16-3 Konan, Minato, Tokyo 108-0075

Please see more infomation

Collaboration Partner


Special Partner



Organized by:SkylandVentures

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Event Starts

Start Date:2015/06/21(Sun) 09:15 (JST)

End Date:2015/06/21(Sun) 19:30 (JST)

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Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. Headquarters

Shinagawa Grand Central Tower, 2-16-3,Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0075, Japan

Organizer information

Kinoshita Yoshihiko