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Future Food Fund Morning/Evening Pitch Event

2021/05/21(Fri) 10:00 - 12:00 (JST)


[Host] Future Food Fund

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Event Description

☆English Follows Below☆


* 本イベントは、当社のオープニングスピーチ以外、すべて英語で行われます。

■ イベント概要
日時   :5月21日(金)日本時間10:00~
会場   :オンライン(zoom)
参加費  :無料

■ イベント申込締切

■ 登壇スタートアップ企業

① 循環型 水産栽培 スナック ブランド
② 専門家が開発した子供向けの栄養ドリンクブランド
③ 飲食店向けの調理ロボット 、、、、等! 


KitchenTown (キッチンタウン)

キッチンタウンの戦略ダィレクターとしてサラ氏はイノベーションによって急速に変化している市場を理解したい食品会社のアドバイザーです。10年間に渡り、食品イノベーションを調査して、フードシステムにある長期的な企画も携わっていました。前職、サラ氏はInsitute for the Future (インスティトユート・フォー・ザー・フューチャー)のFood Future Lab(フード・フューチャーズ・ラブ)を担当して、世界中最大なパッケージグッズ企業の将来に弾力性がある企業の設計に協力していました。



<< English >>
Join Future Food Fund in collaboration with KitchenTown for an evening of food startup pitches. Fresh innovation and exciting new food companies are lined up for this event. 

* Please note this event will be held over multiple time zones. The date and time of the event reflect this. 
This event will be held in English with the introductory remarks by Future Food Fund in Japanese. 

Date: May 20 (Thurs) PST 6:00 PM
         May 21 (Fri) JST 10:00 AM
Location: Online (zoom webinar)

Presenter List 
*The full list will be shared soon!*

① Regenerative Sea Farming snack brand
② Expert Formulated Children's Nutritional drink brand 
③ Restaurant Food Assembly robot
& More!

Guest Speaker

Director of Strategy
Sarah Sha

Sarah Sha is Director of Strategy at Kitchentown where she is a trusted advisor to food companies seeking to understand the quickly changing innovation landscape. She has spent the last decade researching food innovation and promoting long-term thinking within the food system. Sarah formerly led the Food Futures Lab at the Institute for the Future and has worked with many of the world's largest CPG companies to design more resilient futures. She will kick off FFF's Morning/Evening Pitch Event with a short presentation on how to think about the future of food and share some highlights of the innovations happening at KitchenTown.

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Event Starts

Start Date:2021/05/21(Fri) 10:00 (JST)

End Date:2021/05/21(Fri) 12:00 (JST)

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Organizer information

Future Food Fund

Future Food Fund

Future Food Fundとは
「Future Food Fund(フューチャーフードファンド)」は、

オイシックス・ラ・大地株式会社が運営する、日本初の“食”を専門としたファンド「Food Tech Fund」から発展。

Future Food Fund is a Corporate Venture Capital investing in food and food-related technology startups to create and develop a cycle of innovation in the food industry's eco-system.

Initiated from the "Food Tech Fund" operated by Oisix ra daichi Inc., the first food investment vehicle in Japan, we repositioned our focus from sole capital investment to building the connection
between all of the stakeholders in this field including startups, social enterprises, and food producers.
Based on our business networks and knowledge as a food and agriculture platform, we discover and support startups whose pioneer technology and new services can be quickly implemented and industrialized.