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Make sure you keep your green thumb in place and scan this high-quality plant identification app.
Thanks to the company's collaboration, users can find plants in 37 languages. It is incredibly easy to use and offers two versions, premium and free, which means that no matter where you are, you can get more information about the plant life in the area.If you are looking for an app that specializes in the identification of indoor plants and their care, then this is  exactly the app you need!
Start by taking a picture of the plant you are interested in. In a matter of minutes, the app will be able to identify the plant. It is able to recognize 90% of all recognized tree and plant species, making it easy to identify what you see when you are on the go.
Planta is extremely easy to use and gives you specific advice on starting and caring for your garden.
Once you have scanned your plants with Planta, the app will tell you what kind of plant it is. It is also unique in that once you have identified the plant, it will tell you the best ways to care for it. You will be aware of everything from how much light it needs to the frequency of watering.
A source of information about everything related to leaves. The program was developed together with experts from Columbia University, University of Maryland and uses advanced technology to recognize plants solely based on photos of leaves.
In addition to using this app to recognize plant species, you can also use it to learn more about the different species you find. You will have access to a huge collection of plant information that is constantly updated with the latest information. You can also keep track of each plant you have in your collection, receive reminders about plant care and keep a garden journal filled with photos of your collection.