AnimeJapan 2017 ビジネス来場 事前登録(無料) - Business Registration(Free)

2017/03/23(木) 11:00 ~ 2017/03/24(金) 17:00

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AnimeJapan 2017のビジネスエリアへのご入場には「ビジネス来場登録」が必要です。




This is the Free Business Registration page, that allows you entry only to the Business Area.

Admission to AnimeJapan 2017 Business Area requires Business Registration.

There are 2 different types of Business Registration: Charged and Free.

Charged Business Registration lets you enter both the Business and the Main Area. 

Free Business Registration grants you enter entry ONLY to the Business Area.

The main purpose of the Business Area is conducting business meetings and understanding the current anime business. Students and those starting up their business will not be allowed entry.


Please Note:

- After your registration is completed, we will review your profile to verify registration. Please note that applicants may be denied registration in certain cases. We appreciate your understanding.

- Each person has to register on their own. No group registration is accepted.

- Please have your printed ticket at the admission gate with you.


開催日時:2017/03/23(木) 11:00

終了日時:2017/03/24(金) 17:00



東京ビッグサイト - Tokyo Big Sight

東京都 江東区有明 3-11-1 会議棟1F レセプションホール