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The 6th Worldwide Youth Uchinanchu Festival PERU 2018

2018/02/06(Tue) 18:00 - 2018/02/10(Sat) 21:30 (GMT-05:00)


[Host] The 6th World Uchinanchu Festival Executive Committee / 第6回世界若者ウチナーンチュ大会実行委員会

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    • C ticket
      Periodo de la venta: 16 de noviembre al 10 de diciembre
      *Boleto especial para participantes extranjeros

      -Acceso a todas las actividades del programa del Encuentro
      -Comidas (cena del 6, comidas y cenas del 7 al 10 de febrero)
      *Este boleto "C" no incluye los costos de hospedaje ni de transporte.
      *Por favor, consiga los botelos de avión, hospedaje y medios de transporte por su cuenta.

      Salling period: from November 16th to December 10th
      ※Special extended ticket for overseas participants

      This fee covers:
      -Access to all festival programs and activities
      -Meals (dinner on February 6th, lunch and dinner from February 7th to 10th)
      ※C ticket does not include accommodation and transportation expenses.
      ※You need to arrange for flight ticket, accommodation, transportation by yourself.

      大会プログラム参加費、食費(2 月 6 日夕食、2 月 7~10 日昼食・夕食)
    • $200.00
    • A ticket

      Sales Period Finished

      For Early Bird Special (July 10 to August 31, 2017)
    • $330.00
    • -
    • B ticket

      Sales Period Finished

      September 1 to November 15,  2017
    • $350.00
    • -
    • ≪Februrary 11th≫ Additional night option

      Sales Period Finished

      The 6th World Youth Uchinanchu Festival will be held from Februrary 6th to 10th. And on the next day, 11th, Peru Okinawan Fest will be celebrated by Okinawan Association of Peru. If you want enjoy the Okinawan Fest and stay at Lima that night to have more fun with other Uchinanchus from all over the world, don't miss this special option!! Next day's breakfast included.
    • $30.00
    • -

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Event Description

The 6th World Youth Uchinanchu Festival PERU 2018

Festival Objectives
     The World Youth Uchinanchu Association (WYUA) was established during the 5thWorldwide Uchinanchu Festival in 2011. Since 2012, WYUA has been hosting the World Youth Uchinanchu Festival each year on five continents* (South America, North America, Europe, Asia, and Okinawa) for youth ages 18 to 35.
     In the previous five festivals, youth from all over the world have interacted with each other and built an "Uchina Network" between the participants from each area. The 6th World Youth Uchinanchu Festival makes the most effective use of the Network which we have been building thus far by “expanding and strengthening the Network” and “producing active, globally-oriented youth”.
 *The continents refer to the continents upon which the World Youth Uchinanchu Festival has been held thus far and include: South America, North America, Europe, Asia, and Okinawa.

Planning organization

The 6th World Youth Uchinanchu Festival Executive Committee
(Part of the World Youth Uchinanchu Association)

In association with

Peruvian Okinawan Association

Supported by

Okinawa Prefecture (tentative), OgimiVillage, Higashi Village, NakijinVillage, Motobu Town, Kin Town, Onna Village, Nago City, Yomitan Village, Kadena Town, Urasoe City, Okinawa City, Chatan Town, Ginowan City, Nishihara Town, KitanakagusukuVillage, Tomigusuku City, Nanjo City, Yaese Town, Itoman City, Naha City, Miyako City, Tarama Village, Ishigaki City, Taketomi Town, Ie Village, Kumejima Town, Kitadaitou Village, Tokashiki Village, Zamami Village, Tonaki Town, the other 11 municipalities (under negotiation), Okinawa Youth Council, Chubu Youth Council, Nanbu Youth Council (tentative)

Collaboration with

Peruvian Okinawa Women’s Association

Main Venue (tentative)

Lima, Peru 

Festival Dates

Tuesday, February 6 to Saturday, February 10, 2018
(Will participate in the Peruvian Okinawa Festival on February 11th)

Program Contents

For details check the following link:

Festival Participants

Participants from Okinawa and beyond (ages 18 to 35).
Youth of Okinawan descent (ages 18 to 35).
Total: 100 participants (expected)

Application Requirements

 Persons satisfying (1) to (7).
(Minors under the age of 20 at time of application must satisfy (1) to (8).)

(1)  Participants residing outside of Okinawa must be 18 to 35 years of age
Applicants born betweenFebruary 6, 2000 to April 1, 2000 (equivalent to high school seniorsin Japan) who wish to participate in the Festival may be considered uponconsultation.

(2) Participants must be physically and mentally sound.

(3) Participants must be able to take full responsibility for overseas travel.

(4) Those in possession of a valid passport or otherwise able to obtain one 3 months prior to departure.

(5) Those able to enter and leave the destination and transit countries without problems (Peru, USA). (tentative).

(6) Participants must purchase overseas travel insurance.

(7) Must be able to participate in all festival programs from February 6 to February 11, 2018.

(8) Those under the age of 20 at the time of application, must have consent of a parent or guardian.

Participant Registration Fees

 A Ticket: USD $330 for Early Bird Special (July 10 to August 31, 2017.

B Ticket: USD $350 (September 1 to September 30, 2017).

Participant registration fee covers the following:

Access to all festival programs and activities

Meals (does not include: breakfast on February 6th, lunch and dinner on February 11th and all meals on February 12th )


transportation expenses (between airport and accommodations and between accommodations and festival venues)

* Please note that the registration fee for participants does not include: roundtrip airfare, overseas travel insurance, passport and ESTA application fees, transaction fees incurred during payment of registration fees, personal expenses (i.e. tips, telephone bills, souvenirs, food expenses, etc.) .


Subject to change.

Contact the Executive Committee if you are not sure how to get to the accommodations from the airport

Application period

Thursday, July 10, 2017 to Saturday, September 30, 2017

Contact Information

The 6th World Youth Uchinanchu Festival Executive Committee
(World Youth Uchinanchu Association Office)

1F, 2-8-16 Ganeko, Ginowan City, Okinawa 901-2214

E-mail address


Event Starts

Start Date:2018/02/06(Tue) 18:00 (GMT-05:00)

End Date:2018/02/10(Sat) 21:30 (GMT-05:00)

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Organizer information

The 6th World Uchinanchu Festival Executive Committee / 第6回世界若者ウチナーンチュ大会実行委員会