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How to Title Your Essay Like A Pro? - Guide 2022

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Asking your friend the question, “Can you write my essay for me?”  Struggling to come up with a fitting title for your essay?

This article talks about everything you need to know to title your essay like a pro. So keep on reading to find out!


Components of an Essay Title 


Like every other formal writing, the title of an essay also follows a formula. The title is the first thing a reader notices, so it must be precise and relevant. Keep your essay title short, and it should not exceed the limit of 12 words. Here are some key components of the essay title:

  • A captivating hook
  • The title should include the keyword of an essay that explains the “what” of content.
  • It should also have a focus keyword that explains “where” and “when.”

All these components are important for the essay title. Make sure to use these elements to write my essay better title. 

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Steps to Title Your Essay - H2


Writing a good title has nothing to do with good writing skills. All it takes is a basic understanding of how to create a good title. Most of the writers find it difficult to come up with a good title. Following are the steps you should follow to title your essay like a professional essay writer

  1. First Write an Essay


To write a title that fits your essay, firstly, write your essay! Then, instead of wasting time on deciding the title, do it in the end. After you are done writing your essay you will be able to judge better what title suits your essay. Next, revise and read your essay thoroughly to understand the core of the essay. Once you understand the crux of the essay, you’ll have a clear idea of what to title your essay. 

Deciding the title of your essay at the end also helps you save time. 

  1. Use Your Thesis Statement


A title should tell the readers about the reason for your essay. One of the benefits of writing the title after completing your essay is that it provides you with a thesis statement. After completing your essay, read the thesis statement, again and again, to get an idea for a suitable title. 


  1. Popular Phrases

You can use popular phrases or cliches to title your essay. Use your humor, and you may come up with an appropriate and effective pun for the title. Be creative while innovating the title of your essay to attract readership.


  1. Consider the Tone

The tone of your essay can also help you find the right title for your essay. Relate your title with the tone of your essay to informally address the theme of your essay. For example, if you write a funny essay, the title can be a pun or a funny phrase. 


  1. Use Central Idea or a Quote

Another easy way to title your essay is to use the main idea of your essay. You can also use a quote mentioned in the essay as your title. As long as it fits, you can even use song lyrics as your essay’s title. 


  1. Summary in Three Words

One of the techniques used by writers is to come up with a three-word summary of the essay. If you can, summarize your essay, its main idea, or the thesis statement in a three worded phrase. You can use this phrase as the title or the headline of your essay. 


  1. Movie Titles in an Essay

You might get surprised, but you can also use a movie title as your essay’s title. You can either use the movie title as it is or use it in a sentence and then use that sentence as the title of your essay! Make sure the movie title is relevant to your essay’s main idea or concept. 



If you still have doubts about writing your essay or its title, simply, hire an essay writing service to save yourself from this mess!


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