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Up to 2 tickets per person.

Maximum possible ticket application

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    • Amount (tax incl.)
    • Quantity
    • (S) SUPPORTERS CLUB Ticket (9/21)

      Sales Period Finished

      With TGS original designed S-size T-shirt
    • ¥3,000
    • -
    • (M) SUPPORTERS CLUB Ticket (9/21)

      Sales Period Finished

      With TGS original designed M-size T-shirt
    • ¥3,000
    • -
    • (L) SUPPORTERS CLUB Ticket (9/21)

      Sales Period Finished

      With TGS original designed L-size T-shirt
    • ¥3,000
    • -
    • (XL) SUPPORTERS CLUB Ticket (9/21)

      Sales Period Finished

      With TGS original designed XL-size T-shirt
    • ¥3,000
    • -


    • 08/09/2014(Mon) 10:01 am (JST) updated

This is TOKYO GAME SHOW Management Office.

To be prepared for getting to TOKYO GAME SHOW 2014, please PRINT your“PDF Ticket" and bring it with you to the venue. 

If you hold a ticket with multiple persons, please come to the venue with your accompanied person(s) to the venue.

To download your PDF ticket, please access to the following URL and access to “My Ticket” and select “TGS2014 SUPPORTERS

CLUB Guide to Priority Entrance”. You can download the file at:

We are looking forward to seeing you at TOKYO GAME SHOW 2014.



TGS Management Office

Event Description


TOKYO GAME SHOW provides world's most exciting computer entertainment exhibition, including portable games hardware, software, smartphone games, on-line PC games, and new game platform.

Organizer: Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association [CESA]
Co-Organizer: Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.


Special Goods 1: TGS Original T-shirt

All the ticket holders can gets TGS2014 SUPPORTERS CLUB original designed T-shirt!

Pick your size at the purchase of ticket. (size=S, M, L, XL)
Size (length, width) *unit: cm
S (65, 47.5), M (68, 50), L (71, 52.5), XL (74, 55)

TGS Original T-shirt (21st)


※Above is the T-shirt image. Please note that the actual color may differ from the pictures shown.

Special Goods 2: Original Pin Badge

All the ticket holders can get TGS2014 SUPPORTERS CLUB original designed badge! 

※Please note that the actual color may differ from the pictures shown.

Priority Entrance

All the ticket holders may enter at Priority Entrance.

Those who have the "TGS2014 SUPPORTERS CLUB Ticket" will enter either Hall 1 or Hall 9.

Priority Entrance wating line starts at the time of the first train at JR Kaihin Makuhari Station. Please follow a guideboard at Makuhari Messe and event staff's instruction to get on the line of exclusive entrance.

You may enter the venue from Hall 1 as well as from Hall 9, but until 10:30, you will not be able to go back and forth between Hall 1-8 and Hall 9.

All the SUPPORTERS CLUB Ticket holders must go through the baggage check point prior to go to the SUPPORTERS CLUB counter. Please be noted that the wating line for the CLUB is different from the wating line for general admission.

The priority admission wating zone for people with "TGS2014 SUPPORTERS CLUB Ticket" will be removed after certain designated time by the Management Office. After it has been removed, please enter in the same way as the people with genneral admission tickets.

You can receive the special items (T-shirt, badge) at the Information couner at Hall 5, 2F Concourse, only on the effective date of the ticket.

Although the doors open at 10 a.m., people with special type of ticket such as the "TGS2014 SUPPORTERS CLUB Ticket", may be allowed to enter earlier.

Directions to Priority Entrance

1. Follow the General Entrance Signs to Hall 1 or Hall 9.

2. Clear the Security Check.

3. Proceed to "TGS SUPPORTERS CLUB" Counter and get Special Benefit Exchange Voucher and TGS Admission Ticket.

4. Proceed to "TGS SUPPORTERS CLUB" Benefit Items Receiving Station and exchangethe benefit items.

5. Follow the "TGS SUPPORTERS CLUB" Priority Waiting Line.

6. Enter to Exhibition Hall.

*For receiving special Goods, you will need to have the ticket even students under primary school age (except infants).

*T-shirt color and design are different for each event date 20th and 21st.
*No exchange or refund of T-shirt and Badge. Please review your size selection before submit an order.

*Priority Entrance is only available for valid ticket. The Saturday ticket cannot be used on the Sunday. The Sunday ticket cannot be used on the Saturday. Please confirm the valid date on your ticket.

*Please be noted that visitor may not go through between Hall 1-8 and Hall 9 until 10:30am.

*In case you missed Priority Entrance, you may enter the venue same way as general admissions.

*Special benefit items may be picked at Information Counter at 2nd Floor infront of Hall 5 in case you missed to obtain the items.

*SUPPORTERS CLUB Ticket is effective date of the event. (Ticket is valid for ONEday only.)

*No refunds or exchanges are available.

*Please make sure your ticket has a barcode printed clearly and do not make a fold or mess on barcode. It may cause a problem with scanning the barcode smoothly.

*All the multiple tickets are printed on PDF format under the name of registered purchaser. All TGS Supporters Club Ticket are managed by QR code for the admission of TOKYO GAME SHOW Public Days. For the entrance of accompanied person, he/she is allowed to enter venue with registered purchaser. 

*Please be noted that copy of ticket is strictly prohibited.

◆ Official Website: TOKYO GAME SHOW 2014

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Event Starts

Start Date:2014/09/21(Sun) 10:00 (JST)

End Date:2014/09/21(Sun) 17:00 (JST)

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Makuhari Messe

2-1, Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba-city, Chiba, 261-0023, Japan


Organizer information

TOKYO GAME SHOW Management Office